In life and work, Robert Krenza’s unseen guide is the BlackWolf. The Wolf represents our instinctive nature that is wild and free. Filled with sharp instincts, passion, creativity and ageless wisdom, the BlackWolf is revered for its power to bring transformation and learning to humans. The BlackWolf howling at the full moon symbolizes bringing light into times of darkness and the color black encompasses everything we know – and what we don’t know.

Robert’s life path has been one of inner awareness, self-discovery and spiritual exploration. Committed to the enlightenment of himself and humanity; dedicating and contributing his talents to a world that works for everyone. He acts as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, high potential leaders and C-level executives who commit to measuring success against the metrics of social, human, environmental and financial capital. Robert’s vision, wisdom and knowledge are in high demand across companies, continents and cultures.

Robert Krenza founded BlackWolf Consultants, Inc. to offer leaders guidance on a new type of journey where they can choose their beliefs, transform their lives and attain/realize their goals. He brings the qualities of courage, perseverance, passion, challenge, compassion/empathy, community, contribution, vulnerability and integrity to his work. He listens to deeply understand the essence of all that is and discover the unrealized potential in a person, a team or an organization.

“Your definition of purpose helps me understand that finding one’s purpose is not an ego-trip. It starts with a deep sense of belonging to something greater than me as an individual.”

– Cedric Bachellerie, Catalyst Director, Education and Inclusive Business

His nearly 40 years of experience working domestically and internationally with senior executives and their teams have provided Robert with an extensive understanding of diverse cultural nuances. His reach includes locations spanning Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, Russia, Asia Pacific, China, Australia, Central and Latin America, Canada and the United States.

Robert is the co-creator of the highly respected and renowned Collaborative and Transformational Leadership Acceleration (CTLA) program. CLTA is a virtual, online, blended-learning, fully-facilitated 9-, 12- or 15-month leadership development and transformational program. The coaching and consulting work of BlackWolf Consultants, Inc. consistently generates extraordinary success for its corporate clientele, producing a quantum change in their personal lives and professional effectiveness.

Robert has spent a lifetime studying and practicing meditation and mindfulness, which he views as the cornerstone to the success of his professional work.

My decades of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant, combined with deep personal development work and spiritual practice, have provided me with unique insight. Empowering and disempowering beliefs determine outcomes. Our beliefs always drive our behaviors. To be a transformational leader is a conscious choice!

Through my appearances, coaching and consulting, I advocate for rigorous inner-journey work. Work that is essential to real and lasting behavioral change. While not always easy, the experiences I craft are highly engaging, collaborative and energizing. Most importantly, as individuals transform, they also transform their careers, ignite team performance within their companies and embrace their courage to contribute to their families and the world in powerful ways.

As human beings, we all have a choice. Our choice is to wake up to our ability and willingness to create and contribute – or stay sound asleep and be a victim who blames others.

I seek innovative and collaborative opportunities to partner with individuals, teams and organizations that are committed to waking up and deeply examining their core values. To live in a state of expansion and courage, build resilience and resolve, embrace passion and purpose and welcome full ownership of their lives, personally and professionally.